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The Training Methodology

O.R.T.T.-Optimum Results Training Technologies


A Revolutionary Training Methodology


Optimum Results Training TechnologiesTM(ORTTTM) is a unique multi dimensional, multi sensory, interdisciplinary methodology that synergizes basic training methods like

  • Audio-visual Lectures
  • Creative Games
  • Discovery Learning
  • Case Studies
  • Indoor/ outdoor activities
  • Self Assessments
  • Psychological Testing Tools
  • Synergogy
  • Discussions
  • Adventure Learning
  • Brain storming
  • Role Playing
  • Dyadic Exchanges
  • Video Based Training
with more unique experiential systems for greater learning and deeper impact in shorter time frames.
These include -
  • Meta Mind Power TechniquesTM
  • Meta Mind Reflective LearningTM
  • Meta Mind Integrated Fine ArtsTM
  • Meta Mind AssessmentsTM
  • Improv TheatricsTM
  • Pyro TrainiingTM
  • Meta Mind ‘EntrainmentTM
  • Meta Mind MeditationTM
  more about SMILES meet Revathi turaga
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