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Human beings have pushed the frontiers of achievement, explored outer space, conquered new technologies and created a global village... yet are unaware of how exactly to master their own emotions and excel in the optimum use of their faculties. Thus both happiness and optimal productivity elude most people.

The applied behavioral science of Meta Mind Management posits that there are 6 basic dimensions of happiness, all of which individually, do not in fact always consistently enhance overall productivity. Meta Mind Management propounds a new dimension of happiness called Meta MindTM, which does enhance overall productivity across personal and professional roles. Meta Mind is experienced as a simultaneous combination of all the other 6 basic dimensions of happiness triggered & sustained at will, as a habit. This is accomplished through Meta Mind training interventions by designing one's life i.e. programming one's inner world (mental models, mindsets & skill sets) and structuring one's outer world (lifestyle & life systems) and aligning the two to reality based principles for maximizing holistic happiness.


Just as individuals instinctively realize the need to be happy, organizations too are becoming increasingly aware of the need to keep employees, customers and all other stakeholders happy in order to maximize productivity and consequently profitability and growth.

Scientifically validated research linking happiness to productivity is growing in the fields of Positive Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Eudemonics, Abolitionism, Hedonic Psychology, Noetic Sciences and recent studies in Neuroplasticity. Countries too are now being ranked on happiness measurement scales like The Global Happiness Index, Happy Planet Index, Gross National Happiness and other emerging studies on overall well being.

Taking these studies forward, based on latest interdisciplinary research from over 450 sources in fields as varied as behavioral sciences, cognitive sciences, psychology, philosophy, religion, neurosciences, self help, motivation and management practices, Meta Mind Management includes insights and principles sourced from ancient Eastern wisdom and the latest in Western thought.

Based on Meta Mind Management research, there are 6 basic dimensions of happiness (Satisfaction, Pleasure, Calmness, Compassion, Drive and Clarity), 1 new dimension of happiness (Meta Mind) and 5 characteristics of happiness (Permanence, Internally/ Externally Powered, Pervasiveness, People Centricity and Productivity).
Individually the 6 basic dimensions of happiness are transient, predominantly externally powered, exclusive to specific events, roles and tasks (not pervasive), usually self oriented, and not always productive. Meta Mind is a state of Excellence-centered Happiness which is enduring, pervasive (holistic), internally powered (habitual), contributive and productive.
A visual representation of the above is the Meta Mind Pentagon.

The 6 basic dimensions of happiness are states of mind, i.e. in the moment, and can become traits of being when Meta Mind training is learnt, internalized, synergized and applied till they become habits resulting in the new dimension of happiness called Meta Mind.
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