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The Movement
  HAPPINESS awakens GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE awakens AWARENESS, AWARENESS awakens CHANGE, CHANGE awakens WISDOM, WISDOM awakens the INNER SELF, where PEACE and HAPPINESS are always constant.” - Mary Jane Dubner  
  Happiness has its roots in Appreciation. Spreading the ‘Attitude of Gratitude and Appreciation’ was the goal of the Appreciation Movement which was started in 1999 by Varsha P G, co founder of GAMMA. This Movement was initiated in Mumbai and was highly appreciated by the Press and Educationists. It gained popularity in Colleges, Schools and Corporate houses. Children, young adults, parents, teachers and corporate executives, were all actively spreading the spirit of appreciation. Being ‘Good finders’, appreciating and finding all that is nice in oneself, family, friends, others, situations and life in general was the simple message.  
  The Appreciation Movement has evolved into, and has been rechristened by the Global Academy of Meta Mind Management, GAMMA as the  
  This EVOLUTION… aims at stirring up A HAPPINESS REVOLUTION!  
  The World Happiness Movement™ is a global project with one vision –  
  With the spread of this Movement of the Millennium, we aim at putting a million smiles in everyone’s heart by inspiring people to spread, remember and internalize the simple yet powerful message –  ‘HAPPINESS IS AN INSIDE JOB’.  
  Why Happiness?  
    One of the most popular courses at Harvard teaches happiness. They call it Positive Psychology.  
  Gallup Research proves that there is a direct link between happy employees, productivity and profits. They call it Behavioral Economics.  
  GAMMA research suggests that a pre-requisite for consistent excellence in personal and professional life is ‘learned happiness’. We call it Psycho Neuro Happyology (PNH™)  
  Happiness can be achieved through training the mind.’ - Dalai Lama  
  In line with GAMMA’s research of Psycho Neuro Happyology™, the above message conveys that happiness is about training and managing mindsets. It has been researched and proven that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds can change the outer aspects of their lives.  
  We live our lives looking for happiness... not realizing that “happiness is an inside job”- it is A CHOICE,
A HABIT, A DECISION... a decision that comes from within

With the sole purpose of training people to become happier the World Happiness Movement aims to storm the world and make it a happier place through Happiness Events, Happiness Clubs, Happiness Coaches, Training Seminars, Workshops, Camps and Happiness Tools & Products for individuals from all walks of life, educational institutions, corporate houses, all sections of society and governments globally. The Happiness Movement aims to enlist our mass media (print, television, radio, and internet) in encouraging all individuals to be part of this Movement.

Celebrities, Sport Stars, and other men and women of influence also lend their name, their time, their love, spirit and their smiles to the World Happiness Movement as Honorary Happiness Ambassadors.

  more about SMILES meet Revathi turaga
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