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  The GAMMA Cube of Meta Mind Management™
is a 9 X 6 ( 9 squares X 6 sides ) cube which provides a visual representation of the frame work of Meta Mind Management™.

Each side stands for one aspect which must be the focus of learning for complete personal and professional excellence, i.e. excellence in living.

Each aspect has 9 elements of excellence. These have been researched, identified, and listed in the GAMMA Cube of Meta Mind Management™ which is thus
  • An educational tool for teaching and learning Meta Mind Management™.

  • A focusing device for learning the 6 aspects of excellence.

  • A one-stop holistic view of the 54 elements of excellence.

  • A check list for measuring ones own learning progress.
While learning the skills is an apparent focus for development, there are several established internal linkages of beliefs, attitudes and qualities for each skill that need to be aligned in order to effect any enduring transformation.

There are certain common factors among high achievers and peak performing men and women the world over.

They share certain -

 VALUES- Desired results,motivators
 BELIEFS- Feelings of certainty
 ATTTUDES- Thought patterns & perspectives
 QUALITIES- Habits which have become  attributes
 SKILLS- Abilities exhibited as behaviors
 KNOWLEDGE- Awareness of the laws of  excellence
All elements in the GAMMA Framework (individually or in a need-based combination) are offered as off-the-shelf and/ or customized training workshops.
META MIND TRAINING INTERVENTIONS: Meta Mind Actualization Processing System (M.A.P.S.)
The learning interventions designed and implemented by GAMMA through appropriate certification programs and/or customized programs to suit specific training needs of the individual, group or organization result in the activation of M.A.P.S.

Learning effectiveness measurement tools, pre-training and post-training assessments, performance measurement score cards and well being quotients are developed and administered by GAMMA as required to demonstrate the effectiveness and results of Meta Mind training through the application of M.A.P.S.
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