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The Global Academy of Meta Mind Management, GAMMA, is an academy dedicated to worldwide education in personal and professional Excellence-Centered Happiness by promoting the research, awareness and use of the behavioral science called Meta Mind ManagementTM


Affiliated to and accredited by the International Institute of Applied Behavioral Sciences, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Co-founded by Internationally renowned Motivational Speaker, Master Behavioral Trainer, Leadership Guru & Happiness Coach Avinash Ananda and Eminent Educationist, Psychotherapist and Ontological Coach, Varsha P G.
Dedicated to providing mindset management and skill sets enhancement solutions to individuals and corporations worldwide.

Run by professionals with global expertise in behavioral sciences, management, psychology and education. GAMMA is backed by a panel of eminent research scholars, educationists and behavioral scientists.


Has a presence in North America, Singapore and India.


Promotes the use of Optimum Results Training Technologies (O.R.T.T.TM) as a unique result oriented training methodology to learn, adopt, practice and internalize mind sets and skill sets.

Meta Mind ManagementTM is an applied behavioral science that provides a model, framework, philosophy, methodology, process, principles and a system for managing mindsets and sharpening skill sets to achieve and sustain Meta MindTM i.e. Excellence-centered HappinessTM, which results in enhanced personal and professional productivity at individual, group and organizational levels.
  • Optimize your potential
  • Maximize your personal & professional productivity 
  • Enhance the quality of your life
  • Experience the freedom to live life on your own terms
  • Develop the wisdom to define those terms well
  • Contribute to "organizational well being" and thus, profitability
  • Experience high levels of excellence in every role and task
  • Optimize empowerment, motivation and engagement at work
  • Maximize performance and productivity at individual and team levels
  • Enhance your employability and entrepreneurship competencies
  • Be an asset and catalyst for positive transformation
  • Become a brand ambassador for your institution and a successful brand yourself
  • Maximize productivity at individual and team levels
For workshops, speaking engagements, out-bound conferences, events, annual training contracts and/ or specific need-based training interventions/ behavioral consulting / happiness coaching requirements, please contact info@metamindmanagement.com.
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